• Dental services

    • Comprehensive dental services
    • Friendly and professional staff
    • A clinic with modern equipment
    • Oral Health Consultation
  • Digital dental x-ray

    • Localized imaging of teeth
    • 3-D dental imaging /CBCT
    • Panoramic dental imaging / Ortopan
    • Bite-wing dental imaging
    • Working time:
    • Monday and Tuesday:
      13:00 - 19:30
    • Wednesday - Friday:
      8:00 – 15:00

Make an appointment for an oral health consultation!

At the opening of the most advanced dental centre in the Maribor region we would like to invite you to your first dental examination. For more information click here.


Why choose BK DENTAL?

  • BK DENTAL is one of the most advanced dental centres in Maribor and Slovenia.
  • We are distinguished with a professionally qualified team, state of the art dental approaches and equipment, and materials of the highest quality.
  • We guarantee wholesome dental services and digital X-ray diagnostics, on one spot, without inhuman waiting lines and with clear medical treatment costs up-front.
  • Our X-ray units and dental chairs are completely adjustable and are appropriate for children, adults, and disabled persons.
  • Through the painless treatment and an environment which reflects a calm atmosphere, you will definitely beat your fear of the dentist.
  • Yours truly, Ivan L

    Thank you very much for your efforts and the successfully implanted denture which serves me well. After a long time I can finally eat apples again. I am very thankful for the great service and I wish you all the best in your successful career!

  • Andrej

    Thank you so much for your wonderful and professional dental care.

  • Jasna

    Over the years Dr. Krajnc has helped me overcome my fear of going to the dentist, as she is always very kind, patient and calming. Today I am visiting the new dental clinic for the first time and I am very impressed!

  • Maja


    Mrs. Barbara Krajnc, DMD
    Thank you for everything! You are great!

  • Jana


    Thank you for helping our grandmother yesterday. We are looking forward to the next treatment in November.

Our medical clinic in Maribor:

    • We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed in the moment you step into our clinic.. That is why our waiting room was equipped with comfortable couches for you to sit on while you enjoy some music, read through a magazine, or connect to the free Wi-Fi.

    • Our clinic is equipped with state of the art dental chairs Planmeca,which are made from durable artificial leather and viscoelastic memory foam that allows for a perfect adaptability to your body shape, allowing you to stay relaxed even during the longest treatment sessions.

    • Through state of the art technological equipment in the clinic we guarantee comprehensive services in all areas of dental medicine: implantology, surgical procedures, prosthetic dental care, aesthetic dentistry, and digital X-ray diagnostics.

    • When doing dental X-rays, we at BK DENTAL use state of the art digital X-ray units by a Finnish manufacturer. The Planmeca ProX and Planmeca ProMax allow for high resolution imaging, very low doses of radiation, and easy and painless imaging for the patient.

    • On your first visit at our center we develop a restoration plan for your teeth based on a digital X-ray recording and a professional examination. Only when you are completely satisfied with the suggested solutions do we begin the treatment.

    • We strive for your well-being, thus we have equipped our clinic in a way that makes you feel relaxed being in it. You will relax observing an imitation of the sky on the ceiling, colour lights with a therapeutic effect, and listening to pleasant ambient music.