Dental Imaging

Without digital X-ray imaging modern dentistry is not possible any more. For a high quality performance of dental services a very detailed X-ray diagnostic of the teeth and the periodontal tissue is necessary. It is precisely because of this that we at BK DENTAL only use state of the art digital X-ray units from the Finnish manufacturer Planmeca (Planmeca ProX and Planmeca ProMax) when it comes to X-ray imaging as they allow for a:

  • high resolution imaging
  • very low doses of radiation
  • easy and painless patient imaging
  • extra-oral bite-wing imaging for patients with a reflex and children

Additionally to that we don’t even have to wait for the films to get developed as the image is portrayed on the computer screen in that same moment. So that the image is always accessible to us, it gets digitally saved on the computer. Modern software allows us to burn the images onto CDs. We can also send the image via e-mail to your dentist if that is your wish.

For X-ray imaging of your teeth call +386 2  444 10 98 or book a date on the website form. We are waiting to see you in our state of the art digital X-ray room.