Intraoral/Localized dental imaging


bite-wingThis technique is adequate when we need information on a specific tooth (for instance for endodontic treatments, post manufacturing) as the images show the state of individual teeth and the periodontal tissue.

For this imaging technique we use the digital detector Planmeca ProSensor which has taken over the role of old X-ray films. Aside from the classic digital image we can also take images using the bite-wing technique with our digital local X-ray unit.

The imaging takes only a few seconds and is painless. Compared to classic X-ray units, the received dose of radiation is significantly lower as it lower by at least half of the recommended allowed dose.

For X-ray imaging of your teeth call +386 2 444 10 98 or book a date on the website form. We are waiting to see you in our state of the art digital X-ray room.