Dental services

In BK DENTAL we offer you simple as well as complex services from all fields of dentistry. You can read about some of the services we offer in our centre on our website.

Oral Health Consultation


On the first examination we suggest which dental services you require.

We give you multiple treatment choices and you decide according to your wishes and capabilities. We also present and describe all services. It is our wish that you do not hide your teeth any more but that you will be able to smile relaxed and forget about your dental problems.

You can make an appointment on the following phone number: +386 2 444 10 96 or via the web form. You can read here how the first examination is going to be.

Painless treatment


Due to bad past experiences or even without a specific reason, the thought of the dentist can cause a person to be in so much discomfort that he or she hesitates to go, even when treatment may be necessary. Such a course of action only leads to more pain and an extended treatment period.

We are professionally trained in our centre and patients with an anxiety disorder are given additional attention. In addition we offer a painless treatment to all patients, including the braver ones, as the use of local anaesthesia is always an option. So you can enjoy on the comfortable Planmeca dental chair without worries or pain while we treat your teeth.

A state of the art dental clinic


As your well-being is of utmost importance to us, we have designed our centre in a way that you feel both comfortable and relaxed in it.

Our clinic is equipped with state of the art Planmeca dental chairs which are completely adjustable and are appropriate for children, adults, and disabled persons. They are made from durable artificial leather and viscoelastic memory foam that allows for a perfect adaptability to your body shape, allowing you to stay relaxed even during the longest treatment sessions.


In addition to high end dental equipment and high quality materials, we will await you with comfortable ambient music, colour therapy, and a wonderful imitation of the sky on the ceiling.

In this state of the art clinic which reflects a calm atmosphere, you will definitely beat your fear of the dentist.