Veneers are an ideal solution for those who wish for a beautiful smile without big invasions into their teeth. By using them we solve a plethora of different teeth issues such as:

  • tooth stains,
  • coloured teeth,
  • extensive tooth decay,
  • large fillings on the front teeth,
  • a short or cracked tooth,
  • irregularly shaped tooth,
  • increased spaces between teeth, and
  • various orthodontic irregularities.

Veneers are mostly used as an aesthetic solution on the upper front teeth.
We can change the appearance of your teeth with veneer by hiding your teeth behind a layer of composite (composite veneers) or behind a thin layer of porcelain (ceramic veneers).

Composite or ceramic veneers?

The advantage of composite veneers is quick manufacture, as it only takes one visit, good aesthetics, and a lower price. The disadvantages of it are that they lose their initial shine in time and get somewhat discoloured.

Ceramic veneers are, in comparison with composite ones, of a much higher quality, are stronger and more durable, and are unaffected by discolouration. They are similar to the natural enamel as the thin layers of porcelain, which are created in a laboratory, completely match your teeth. Their manufacture is very difficult, thus at least two visits at the dentist are necessary. During the first visit we minimally polish the teeth and then make an imprint and we put a temporary veneer on the polished teeth. During the second visit we permanently glue the ceramic veneers onto your teeth.