We replace the teeth with dentures when the amount, the distribution, or the quality of the remaining teeth does not allow for bridges or when we decide against an implant prosthetic treatment. Dentures can be combined with crowns and bridges.

Partial or complete dentures

We differentiate between complete and partial dentures. A complete denture fully substitutes all teeth in the jaws and represents a satisfactory and cheap solution for the treatment of a toothless jaw. A denture usually doesn’t reach the desired degree of stability in the lower jaw; therefore it is considered a more temporary solution. In this case, when the denture is ‘dancing’, we anchor it on at least two implants and through this achieve the desired stability and allow for better chewing.

When not all teeth are missing and the present teeth are positioned in a way that does not allow for a bridge, we can make a partial denture. A partial denture is made of a cast base into which the synthetic teeth are put in. The partial denture restores the chewing and aesthetic function.