Endodontics or the treatment of the root canals is performed when it comes to the necrosis of the dental pulp and the onset of the inflammatory process due to caries or injury.

At the beginning of the endodontic treatment we create access to the root canals with a drill. This is followed by a chemical and mechanical removal of the dental pulp and the cleaning and debridement of the root canals.

The root canals can be cleaned and undergo debridement with needles either by hand or by using a machine. We achieve far better results with the latter as these special Ni-Ti-Needles wrap themselves around the shape of the canal and even reach very curved rood areas. We use a local X-ray image of the tooth and an electronic device for the measurement of the root canal length called an apex locator as helping tools when working.

When the canal has been sufficiently widened, a medicine is inserted and the tooth is temporarily closed. In case of serious infections the medicine has to be replaced multiple times, so the treatment can take up to multiple months. When the dentist remedies the infection of the pulp in one or more procedures, the root canals are filled and closed with a special material which prevents any further infections. A follow-up X-ray image of the treated tooth is then made.
The crown of the healed tooth is then treated with a filing or prosthetically treated if the crown is too damaged.