Želimo povrniti nasmeh na vaš obraz, zato je prvi obisk v naši ordinaciji popolnoma brezplačen. Na podlagi digitalnega rentgenskega posnetka in strokovnega pregleda izdelamo načrt sanacije vaših zob. Ko ste popolnoma zadovoljni s predlaganimi rešitvami, pričnemo z zdravljenjem.

The BK DENTAL team invites you to your first oral health consultation. We will devise a plan for the treatment of your teeth together.

How does the first examination unfold?

rentgen-naslovnaWe take a lot of time for the first examination in our centre. First, our radiological technologist makes a digital X-ray image of your teeth with the use of our state of the art X-ray unit.

Right after that we invite you to the consulting room, where we firstly discuss your primary issues and then your wishes concerning your teeth. Then we fill out the FDI form.

This is followed by a professional examination of all structures connected with dental treatment. Namely, not just the teeth are important for a healthy oral cavity but also gums, the mucosa, the tongue, the jaw joints, the salivary gland …

testnaWe also take a look at your X-ray images on which we see structures invisible during an intra-oral examination.

Then we take a picture of your teeth with a camera, as pictures of your teeth are a useful tool during a possible latter prosthetic rehabilitation.

In the end we devise a plan for the treatment of your teeth.

It is our wish that you do not hide your teeth any more but that you will be able to smile relaxed and forget about your dental problems.

You can make an appointment on the following phone number: +386 2 444 10 96 or via the web form.