We offer three methods of bleaching teeth in our centre through which we achieve a similar result in a different time span.


biolaseThe fastest method of bleaching teeth is with a laser. The system allows us to whiten your teeth for as much as 8 shades after just one visit, The bleaching process starts by protecting the lips and gums so that the only the teeth are exposed during the procedure. A bleaching gel is applied to the teeth, which is then lightened with a BIOLASE laser to speed up and strengthen the workings of the bleaching gel.


The second method for bleaching teeth which we offer in our centre is used when we want to bleach the teeth for just a few shades within one hour. To achieve the desired whiteness of the teeth with obstinate stains the process can be repeated a few times. This is why multiple visits are needed with this method.
We use a bleaching gel with a higher concentration of peroxide than a gel for home use does in our clinic for bleaching in the dental centre. That is why we apply it only after we have protected all of the soft tissues with a rubber barrier. We leave the gel to work for around 20 minutes and then we rinse it off the teeth and remove the rubber barrier.



You can also perform the bleaching at home. For this method you need an individual dental splint that we create for you in our centre based on an imprint of your teeth. The dental splint is made of an artificial mass and fits your teeth completely which ensures that the gel is always in contact with your teeth and that it does not irritate your gums at the same time. You put the splint into a peroxide gel with a low concentration at home and insert the gel-filled splint into your mouth for a few hours per day.

The desired whiteness is achieved in around 10 days but the first results of the bleaching are visible after the first use.

The conditions for the start of the bleaching are:

  • Healthy teeth without caries
  • Soft and hard tooth plaque has been removed
  • Healthy gums without any signs of inflammation

It is good to know:

  • After bleaching it is often necessary to replace the fillings in the bleached teeth as the bleaching gel does not whiten the fillings.
  • Bleaching can lead to a temporarily over-sensitivity of teeth. To remedy these issues your teeth are coated with a preparation for desensitization.