Tooth implants



Tooth implants represent an ever frequenter procedure of replacing missing teeth in the jaws.

A tooth implant is an implant similar to the tooth root and is made from a body-friendly material. The surface of the implant is treated in a way that it grows into the bone (osteointegration). This way the implant becomes even more equal to the natural tooth root.


With the help of tooth implants we can partially or fully remedy toothlessness and thus strongly improve or restore a normal chewing and talking function and take care of a beautiful smile.

We can replace any particular missing tooth with the implant. That is why we do not need to polish any adjacent teeth to create a dental bridge which would replace the missing tooth.

If on one side there are two or more missing teeth, we can use at least two tooth implants as the carriers of the fixed dental bridge.

The implants can also be used to tighten dentures. We can manufacture a fixed porcelain dental bridge on 4 or 6 implants in a toothless jaw for people who do not wish to have mobile prosthodontics