Digital dental imaging and diagnostics

Fast and high quality dental x-ray

For a high quality performance of dental services a very detailed X-ray diagnostic of the teeth and the periodontal tissue is necessary. It is precisely because of this that we at BK DENTAL only use state of the art digital X-ray units from the Finnish manufacturer Planmeca (Planmeca ProX and Planmeca ProMax) when it comes to X-ray imaging as they allow for a:

  • high resolution imaging,
  • very low dose of radiation - Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™,
  • easy and painless patient imaging,
  • extra-oral bite-wing imaging for patients with a reflex and children.

So that the image is always accessible to us, it gets digitally saved on the computer. Modern software allows us to burn the images onto CDs.


3D dental and periodontal tissue imaging with a CBCT unit

The possibility of a natural 3D view allows your doctor to make better decisions when it comes to your treatment.
3D CBCT images allow for an accurate presentation of three-dimensional anatomic structures of the cranial skeleton, as well as giving more information regarding the morphological qualities of the alveolar ridge – from width to height down to the millimetre, and incline and different shapes of the alveolar ridge. This is why the CBCT image is paramount for information and data gathering for many procedures

  • extractions
  • for diagnosis and therapy of pathological changes
  • for planning the orthognathic therapy
  • for examining the respiratory tract
  • dental injuries
  • injuries in the maxillofacial region
  • bone augmentations
  • the assessment of paranasal sinuses
  • jaw tumour surgeries
  • congenital and developmental disorders
  • implantological planning
  • diagnosis and therapy of jaw joint issues

We are waiting to welcome you in our advanced digital X-ray!

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