Dental implants with a lifetime warranty

Straumann® Dental Implants

Implantology is the most effective tooth replacement method.
With the help of Straumann® dental implants with a lifetime warranty we can replace missing teeth or remedy toothlessness.

  • Made from biocompatible materials
  • Perfectly mimics the natural tooth root
  • Improved speaking and chewing ability
  • A beautiful and natural smile
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Permanent solution for missing teeth

More than just a beautiful smile!

A tooth implant is an implant similar to the tooth root, made from a biocompatible material - titanium. The surface of the implant is treated in a way that it grows into the bone (osteointegration). This way the implant perfectly mimics the natural tooth root.

Straumann® dental implants with a lifetime warranty are not only the best, they are a replacement for missing teeth and are a lifetime investment in your smile.

Improve the quality of your life and put a smile back on your face! Dental implants provide a long-lasting solution.

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Dental implants can also be used to retain dentures

We can manufacture a fixed porcelain dental bridge on 4 or 6 implants in a toothless jaw for people who do not wish to have removable dentures. For immediate temporary restorations in edentulous patients with limited bone availability we use the Straumann® Pro Arch treatment concept.

Straumann® Pro Arch allows for a temporary solution in patients who are missing all their teeth and have limited bone volume. Taking into account the needs and expectations of the patient, we provide all the necessary dental implants and prosthetic materials to provide a flawless and safe treatment (both on the bone and on the soft tissue) and reduce the patient's discomfort to a minimum.

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