Endodontic treatment of root canals

When is endodontic treatment needed?

Endodontics or root canal treatment is performed when it comes to the necrosis of the dental pulp and the onset of the inflammatory process due to caries or injury.

The root canals can be cleaned and undergo debridement with needles either by hand or by using a machine. We achieve far better results with the latter as these special needles wrap themselves around the shape of the canal and even reach very curved root areas. In our work we use a 3D X-ray image of the tooth and a apecial electronic device called Reciproc gold.

With modern endodontic procedures, most teeth with a diseased pulp can be saved.

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Bleaching of non-vital discolored teeth

Non-vital teeth (previous endodontic treatment) often lose their natural colour and darken. In that case a so called internal bleaching has to be performed.

We insert a filling with a bleaching agent into the tooth and temporarily seal it. The filling is then replaced a few times within a couple of days to reach the desired whiteness. After the bleaching the tooth is ready for the final treatment.

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